HI! I'M CHELE - BS Human Development, CHC, Essential Oil Specialist, Certified Science of Wellbeing

Each woman that I work with will receive a menu of tailor suited recommendations to reflect her bio-unique style, wants, and needs. Each recommendation is delivered in incremental

and supported layers and will easily be put into action

to optimize digestion, skin, and life goals.  


My clients are busy women with career, family, friends, travel, and a multitude of life commitments. Living with pain, low energy, foggy thinking, digestive unpredictability, anxiety, and frustration can easily show up on the skin, adding unnecessary years and will suck all of the energy and joy from those life commitments and pleasures. 


Working together, we will identify food and life stressors that trigger digestive and skin flares that exacerbate symptoms. We will develop an individualized plan to help repair & restore gut health using food, joyful movement, and essential oils (soon, Reiki!) so you can reclaim living life glowing, energized, and free!


For more than a decade, I have consulted with women one on one and have worked with groups of women who want to create better food and life habits, lose weight in a healthy manner, increase energy, reclaim focus & clarity, reduce inflammation, and improve digestion! Although each person I have worked with is bio-unique - eating real food, incorporating fun movement, along with joyful & fulfilling activities are common threads, and are ALWAYS, always a part of the wellness plan!  

Like many of my clients, I also experience ups and downs with my health and wellness. My experience with Celiac Disease and Chronic Lyme Disease both challenge my digestive health. Each layer of challenge continues to positively inspire my journey toward improving my overall health by eating whole, real food along with a menu of life nourishing practices. I will guide you to discover foods and your nourishing life practices that serve you best at this time in your life; trust me, your reclaimed health will show on your face!

During my training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, we would say, "Feel the Fear and Do it Anyhow!"  Making the commitment towards healthy changes can feel like a daunting and scary leap. To ease the fear, I am your personal cheerleader! Working with me one-on-one, you will have my undivided attention and extensive professional and personal experience with making food & lifestyle changes.  


If you want the energy and camaraderie of a group, please join one of my group programs!  Click on the 'Services' page for more information.


I look forward to working with you!

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