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  • Michele Boutin

Become a Health Coach!

Peruse our Longevity Guide to get an idea of what you will see in our Health Coaching Training Program.

Are you the go-to person of your family & friends for nutritional advice? I was, and still am! I gratefully took my passion of food and nutrition and became a Health Coach via Integrative Nutrition over 12 years ago!

Enrich lives with loving friendships, daily physical movement, and spiritual practices are all ways to create long-term well-being.

I help women like you create a menu of food and life nourishing practices that serve you best at this time in your life. Are you ready to share your passion for wellness and get paid for it? I encourage you to explore Integrative Nutrition. In addition to being a Health Coach & Wellness Stylist, I am an Ambassador for Integrative Nutrition. Please reach out if you have questions; I LOVE to help!

In addition to reading our Longevity Guide, here is the direct link to Integrative Nutrition!

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