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  • Michele Boutin

Got 10 Minutes?

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Taking a 10 minute walk after your meals is a proven way to burn fat and gain energy.

I am not suggesting that as soon as you finish eating that you hit the pavement ~

...but after clearing the table and doing the dishes should provide you with enough digestion time to avoid any stomach upset or reflux.

The pace should be easy; you don't want to compete with digesting your food, but aid it, get a bit of exercise, give you a leg up on better sleep, and to ward off sugar cravings.

In addition to benefitting you physically, you will also foster that quiet, meditative need for peace and tranquility if you head out solo... OR if you bring along a friend or family member, you will add another layer to further foster your relationships.

So, give it a go and carve out 10 minutes after each meal ideally, but at the very least, after your evening meal.

remotelYours & cheers, Chele


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