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  • Michele Boutin

Fresh Start to 2023!

Our signature clean eating program starts again January 9th! We’ve been leading clients through this program for over 6 years and the results are pretty incredible:
  • Less bloat

  • More energy

  • Better sleep

  • Fewer cravings

  • Weight loss

  • More recipe ideas

  • Better mood!

If you are ready to upgrade your health, energy level, and mood I would love for you to join us for our 10 days of clean eating and living!

The Clean10 is a monthy 10 day jumpstart to better health. It is a great way to reset some habits, lose weight (if that is a goal!), and recommit to your health. It is not a diet or quick fix, but 10 days to focus on YOU and the changes you want.

Also, please know that you do not have to follow all of the guidelines to participate. We encourage you to, but always know that doing some of the program is great!

The program includes:

  • Meal plan examples

  • Lots of recipe ideas

  • Recorded (and sometimes live!) exercise routines

  • Secret Facebook group for support & inspiration

  • Guidebook

  • A community!

The program is free for all Juice Plus+ customers! You have lots of options for purchasing the products. We recommend the plant powders (micronutrition) and the shakes (macro nutrition) for the best results, but you can choose what works for YOU!

All of the products are less than a cup of coffee a day and such a great way to get in more high quality nutrition.

Let's talk about your health goals and budget and find what works best.

Message me for details. Sign up ends this week!

Cheers, Chele

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