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It's June - Bust the Bloat!

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Well, helloooooo June!

Everyday is a good day to feel as well as we want,

but summertime can be challenging

As we tiptoe into summer, some of us who are in peri-menopause or menopause can feel less than optimal during the heat and humidity. We may experience: bloating, water retention, and overall feeling of being weighed down in body and mood. In addition to the influence of shifty hormones, often the extra water and bloat is due to: common foods, not enough water, not enough movement, poor sleep, autoimmune conditions, not so perky digestive enzymes, low stomach acid, certain medications, and stress.

I have experienced this,

and then I identified my triggers.


  1. Do you bloat and hold onto more water during the hot summer months?

  2. Does it affect your mood?

  3. Are you frustrated that one day you can fit into that long awaited summer outfit and the next day you can't?

  4. How would you like to feel during these up and coming days of summer (and beyond)?

  5. Are you ready to bust:

  • the bloat?

  • the menopausal middle?

  • less than optimal digestion?

  • the bad mood?

  • foggy thinking?

  • low energy?

6. Are you ready to gain:

  • a flatter tummy?

  • better fitting clothes?

  • better digestion?

  • an uplifted mood?

  • clearer thinking?

  • more energy?

Happy to chat and answer your questions to see if working together aligns with your goals.


When you sign up for your Intake Session + 3 Health Strategy Session in the month of June, you will receive $50. off your Intake Session!


Do I have to complete ALL of my sessions in the month of June?

No, you do not have to start or complete all of your sessions in June; however, to secure this offer, you do have to sign up IN the month of June.

To receive the $50. off my Intake Session, do I pay for all of the sessions upfront or after each session?

To receive the $50. off the Intake Session for the 'It's June - Bust the Bloat' offer, the Intake + the following 3 Strategy Session are paid at the time you schedule your Intake Session.

How long do I have to complete my sessions associated with this offer?

Clients that have the best results meet with me every 2 weeks! This time frame keeps motivation in HIGH gear along with being able to tackle any tweaks that need to be made along the way. This process is active with action steps, and if too much time occurs between sessions, motivation wains and it is like starting over... You don't want to do that!

What if I want to continue and sign up for more sessions?

The 'It's June - Bust the Bloat' offer may provide you with what you want and need; however, most clients meet every two weeks for an average of 8 sessions along with further spread out maintenance sessions. You may continue with as many sessions as you like!

How will we meet?

We can either meet over the phone or via Zoom!

You just moved from the East Coast to the West Coast, and I live on the East Coast, can we still meet?

ABSOLUTELY! We will align our schedules and adjust for the 3 hour time difference; it works!

How do I make my session appointments?

Contact me here!



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