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  • Michele Boutin

Join us for 'Clean 10' this September!

As a Wellness Stylist and Health Coach, I help my clients connect to nourishing foods specific to their unique bio-individual needs, fulfilling life practices, and clean, everyday products to get them 'in the pink' to support the healthiest version of themselves!

For those who are not quite ready for one on one Health Coaching, but are curious to a whole food, clean eating wellness style, our 'Clean 10' program is a WONDERFUL way to dip toes in. Already live a whole food, clean eating wellness style, but want to give it a boost with a like minded and vibrant community? Then please join us in Septemeber!

Our next 10 day clean eating program (Clean10) starting Monday Sept 12th and can be done from ANYwhere!

This program has changed so many lives and is a great way to integrate more healthy habits. In September we are offering a FREE live exercise class each day with a personal trainer, as well as an online cooking class!

I’m so ready for this next month - let me know if you’d like to learn more or to opt in and join our group that is forming now!

Please reach out for details @



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