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  • Michele Boutin

Live A Life You Love!

IIN's Health Coach Training Program is the only one taking a truly integrated approach to wellness. Reclaim your power to transform your health by integrating both the science and the spiritual, and discover what feeds you in all aspects of life.

Hi, friends, I am very happy to pass along to you that my school, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, is launching an updated program with new faculty, content, and a new app!

Best of all they have lowered tuition prices for a short time in celebration of IIN’s 30th anniversary and in an effort to make wellness education more affordable for all! Plus, as an Ambassador, you can mention my name when enrolling for an additional 20% off!

IIN will teach you how to nourish, heal, and thrive in all aspects of your life and find your purpose to transform your career.




I am always very happy to chat about my experience as a student at IIN and my journey as a Health Coach and Wellness Stylist. You can also Talk with an Admissions Health Coach, Call +1(212) 380-1680

Cheers, Chele

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