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  • Michele Boutin

Puree of Carrot, Fennel, Purple Sweet Potato & Ginger


My food is inspired by travel, the seasons, childhood, and my want to eat amazing food that works with my dietary needs to fuel my health. Sight, smell, taste & years of cooking 'from the hip' guide me, so measurements for cooking are approximate... you tailor to YOUR desired taste! Baking is a touch more accurate; however, there is lots of wiggle room to sprinkle in individuality.


  • Carrots 5-8 (washed, not peeled, cut into big chunks)

  • Fennel (cut off top & bottom & outer peel if icky, cut into chunks or wedges)

  • Purple Sweet Potato or Japanese Yam (I peel & cut into chunks RIGHT before I add to the pot, as it will instantly oxidize, forming brown spots - harmless, however)

  • Vadalia (peel, cut into chunks or wedges)

  • Garlic Cloves (however many that you like - I use 4 med-large)

  • Lemongrass (one full stalk cut into 3rds)

  • Ginger (like the garlic, how much ginger do you like? I use about a 1” piece, peeled & cut into 3rds)

  • Ghee for sauteing the veggies (or olive oil) - enough to coat.

  • 1 tsp Golden Milk Mix (I get this at Whole Foods - an on the fly addition because I have it. Turmeric is the main ingredient. Adding black pepper, cinnamon & cardamom will equally round out the flavors. NO need to have the mix!)

  • Salt & Pepper (I use Himalayan salt)

  • Broth of choice - 4 - 6 cups

  • White Wine (optional)


  1. In a large pot (I use a large but shallow), saute onion & fennel with ghee (or olive oil) over medium heat until they soften & start to slightly brown for enhanced flavor. (play with the heat - you don’t want to steam if too low, but don’t want to burn if too high)

  2. I salt & pepper in layers as I cook, as we all have a different level for tastes (play with what you like)

  3. Add the carrots. Stir about. They will become bright in color. After a few minutes… #4

  4. Add the cut lemongrass, ginger, garlic & carrots, saute until the garlic & ginger are fragrant.

  5. Add the purple sweet potato (the flesh is white), stir & add the turmeric & other spices (will become lovely with fragrance)

  6. Deglaze with white wine. If you choose to omit, then you can deglaze the bottom of the now browning pan with the broth. Scrape up the yummy flavor and stir it about.

  7. Add 4 cups of broth, cover the pot with a lid & cook on med-low for 20 mins.

  8. Remove cover, stir, cook on low for another 10 - 15 mins. You want the flavors to intensify and for the veggies to be soft. The soup will reduce; add more broth if desired.

  9. Fish through the soup & scoop out the lemongrass before you puree!!

  10. Cool from blazing hot to a less dangerous temperature and add in batches to a blender & puree.


  • Coconut milk

  • Crispy roasted or pan fried chickpeas (salt, cinnamon, smoked paprika all taste great here)

  • Hot sauce of choice

  • Pesto

  • Seeds

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