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  • Michele Boutin

Try Something New

The man who does things makes many mistakes, but he never makes the biggest mistake of all – doing nothing.

-Benjamin Franklin

Farmers’ Markets bursting with fresh produce, campfires, sand between the toes, fireflies, kids are out of school, extended daylight, and those crazy, lazy, hazy days of summer are here!

Just as numerous plants are blooming, in many ways, so are we.

Summer feels so promising; the glorious feeling of sunshine on our skin, increased energy with the longer days and altered schedules lend to the feeling of trying something new.

Throughout the year (especially this one!), many of us live at an intense physical, emotional, and mental pace, and we often get stuck in routine, either for the sake of efficiency, fear of unfamiliar territory, or for circumstances that seem as if they are beyond our control.

The lack of variety in doing the same things over and over tends to idle not only our minds, but also our bodies and hearts.

If you are feeling hesitant to break your routine, you might find it interesting that fear and excitement have the same physiological expression in our bodies; it is our mind that classifies the feeling as either positive or negative. So the next time you consider a change in routine and your mind says, “scary!” - see if you can re-frame it as, “exciting!”

Is there something that you have never tried before, or have not done in a long time? Be the creator of your adventure, whatever that means for you. Perhaps this is the summer that you learn to sail, find new swimming holes, surf, plant that fabulous herb garden, join a hiking club, take local day trips to places that you really know nothing about, set out for more exotic travel now that the world is opening up, or set a personal challenge goal.

Whatever adventure calls to you, use this summer to make it happen and enjoy the life you came here for. Increasing new experiences and excitement in your life can decrease your need for and dependence on artificial stimulants like caffeine and sugar, leading to more vibrant health. Go forth and seize the possibilities, but I must warn you that you may experience massive improvements in physical well-being, mental acuity and motivation, plus a full portfolio of fun!



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