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  • Michele Boutin

When Mindset Gets in the Way

Are you approaching your life & wellness goals with new ideas

and new action steps or with imposing, outdated beliefs & actions

that created the problem?

Getting something different, requires doing something different

Lifelong core beliefs can be an asset and motivate us to attack changes necessary to reach our desired goals or they can be a hindrance and limit our growth with nagging thoughts we have been conditioned to believe:

  • I'll be judged

  • I'm not pretty enough

  • I'm not thin enough

  • That's for other people, but not for me

  • I tried this before; I can't do it

  • I'm not good at _______

  • I will never make enough money

  • I'm too old

  • I can't _______

  • I will fail

These are just some of the MANY limiting core beliefs that successfully thwart well intended wants and efforts with reaching goals.

You are not doomed to your limiting beliefs

Mindset can be changed!

Working with a Certified Health Coach will help you by:

  • Chatting up front and along the way about roadblocks and how to build in easy, applicable action steps to navigate your obstacles and move forward.

  • By listening to what's making you feel stuck on a certain issue, and giving you the resources to change course.

  • Adding in new healthy habits to naturally crowd out old habits that no longer serve you.

  • Challenging your barriers by asking questions like: "Is this belief accurate?" "How has this belief served you in the past and how is it serving you now?" "If this belief did not exist, what would you accomplish?"

  • Visualizing the outcome with new beliefs.

  • Putting you in touch with complimentary resources to further build your personal wellness team.

During my training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, we would say, "Feel the Fear and Do it Anyhow!" Making the commitment towards healthy changes can feel like a daunting and scary leap. To ease the fear, I am your personal cheerleader! Working with me one-on-one, you will have my undivided attention and extensive professional and personal experience with making food & lifestyle changes.

Visit my "Working Together" page

I am happy to grab a chat to answer your questions. You may contact me here.



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