Making Fruit Salad


You have provided me with many tools to help further my goals. I appreciate your advice and guidance.  I especially like the fact that  you don't force change, but rather encourage change.

DS, Lebanon, NH

The results are so great! I feel lighter and healthier. It may sound weird, but I feel as though my complexion has improved as well. There's somewhat of a natural glow (which I'm assuming is a direct result of eating clean and healthy food). 


I realized the importance of sleep in regard to health and weight loss.  Thanks again for all the insight :)


Chele's work is exceptional.  I guarantee that you will learn more about food, nutrition and yourself than you thought possible.  This experience has been stimulating, intuitive and combined a learning process that is supportive, e-friendly and can be managed fairly well in a busy schedule.  I can pretty much promise that you will never look at food and how you eat it the same way again.-

- MG, Hanover, NH

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